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24 November 2020


Welcome to MOBILIS Gestion in Amundi Services clients community

We are pleased to announce that MOBILIS Gestion has been using Amundi Services’ technological solutions and services since September 2020.

17 November 2020


Amundi Services ensures dealing services to be 100% operational.

In the light of the new lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Amundi Services guarantees the continuity of the dealing services provided by Amundi Intermédiation.

21 July 2020


Amundi Services presents the first edition of the ALTO* Product Roadmap

The roadmap introduces developments and future enhancements for Front, Middle Office, Risk, Compliance, Performance and Reporting.

7 July 2020


Amundi ‘Super’ ManCo open for business in Ireland

IPE talks to Amundi Services following the announcement that the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) has authorised Amundi Ireland as a "Super" management company, allowing it to launch UCITS and alternative funds domiciled in Ireland for the first time in the country's 20-year history.

9 June 2020


ALTO* Portfolio Design: From ideas to implementation

Amundi Services provides asset managers and institutional investors with an ALTO* module to manage tailor-made portfolios, and normalize the definition of a portfolio management process going from investment ideas to portfolio implementation, including exposure and performance analysis, market scenarios back-testing and ex-ante risk analysis.

ALTO*: Amundi Leading Technologies & Operations

19 May 2020


DevOps is a reality for ALTO*

Amundi has implemented DevOps capacities on the ALTO* platform, for Amundi Asset Management usage, and Amundi Services clients. Enabling fast, continuous and “hassle-free” improvements of the platform for the benefit of the 3 700 business ALTOusers and IT professionals.

ALTO*: Amundi Leading Technologies & Operations

30 April 2020


Amundi Services Newsletter #1 - Q1 2020

Amundi Services published its first Newsletter in April 2020 with News, Insights and Event.

17 February 2020


Fund Hosting Seminar

Amundi Services held its first Fund Hosting Seminar in February. The event hosted by Amundi London gathered a group of experts and partners to discuss select distribution and regulatory topics trending now within the industry.

13 February 2020


Welcome to Swiss Life Gestion Privée in the Amundi Services client community.

06 February 2020


ALTO* Insurance

In an environment of ever-lower rates, insurers must adapt their management strategies and increase their operational efficiency. On the other hand, regulatory pressure is increasing, requiring accurate risk analysis, capital management and reporting. In order to address these issues, Amundi Services makes its ALTO* platform available to external clients, with insurance functionalities that integrate the new requirements of insurance management.

ALTO*: Amundi Leading Technologies & Operations

15 January 2020


ALTO* Asset Overview for delegated assets

Amundi Services provides to external asset managers and institutional investors a solution to capture assets delegated to third party assets managers and enables the client, for all its assets, to execute compliance, risk controls and other analytics.

19 December 2019


In 2017, Amundi announced the finalization of the Pioneer Investments acquisition.
From this date, a migration project has been started to integrate all Pioneer funds from a market-leading solution on ALTO*, the Amundi Portfolio Management System.

03 December 2019


Amundi Services welcomes OCTO Asset Management to its client community!

We are delighted to announce that OCTO Asset Management has recently selected Amundi Services and ALTO*, its integrated Portfolio Management solution to strengthen its investment decision-making tools, improve funds monitoring as well to outsource both trading execution and some middle-office functions.

12 November 2019


Asset managers are facing challenges: Amundi Services is offering a solution for dealing activities, middle office services and Portfolio Management Services.

21 October 2019


Open Asset Management Language helps you to reduce operational risk as an exchange language for Asset Management industry.

17 October 2019


Amundi Services, interview with Funds Europe: Strategic technology services – (Fichier Amundi Services offers).

Interview of Amundi Services with IPE, on the "Fund Hosting" offer explaining that despite the rise of cross-border distribution, domestic funds continue to have a bright future. (Fichier IPE Oct 2019).

19 June 2019


Funds Europe talks to Amundi’s CTO, Emmanuel Asfar, about the fund manager’s plan to provide programming capabilities to portfolio managers.

16 May 2019


Amundi presents its commitment to continuous innovation and its latest work on machine learning and collaborative tools with Funds Europe.

Q2 2019 - Issue #70


Gianluca Minieri, Deputy Head of Global Trading at Amundi, appears as the cover story in Global Trading Magazine with a piece entitled “The Inherent Costs of Liquidity”.

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Amundi Services participe, sponsorise et organise des événements clés en Europe pour présenter les enjeux des gestionnaires d'actifs, ses offres et les dernières innovations de la plateforme ALTO*.

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